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October 12, 2013

Thank you for visited my blog and leaved a comment on shoutbox :). I'm sorry I can reply your comment on time. I hope I can visit your blog, too. I know you have better and more beautiful than mine :). 

 Actually I made this blog because a task from my teacher when I was in SHS. When almost all the girls make a Tumblr, I still posting in this blog beacuse I don't have a tumblr and I don't know how to use that hehehe :p.

Anyway this blog's tittle is Ardani Lalaland. Ardani isn't my name but It's my acronym, my real name is Kartika D Aryani = ARDANI, make sense?. Ok that's about the tittle , about 'The Posting'. I post about my story, yes my life story, so I'm sorry if you don't like it sometimes I wanna be a fashion blogger but I'm not confident with that theme, so this is me maybe next time I can post something about fashion. food, or something cool.

Once again Thank You Cool People~ :)


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