The Power of Blue Purple

February 05, 2015

Not have plan at all for today but my neighboor ask me to do my make up. She did my make up for her portofolio and this is my very first time wear fake eye lashes, it’s little bit weard because I can see the lashes in front of my eyes because my real lashes not so long. Alright this is the result :

She also do my hijab and I love it! I’m not a person who easy wear many kind of hijab, my hijab style just standard hehe.

Actually in that time I just wear red tee and cream cardigan so I make quick change. I wear my mom purple (transparant) cardigan with some light blue pattern.

Last but not least let me take some selfie(s) ;)

See the fake lashes, it’s so long but me like it ;)

Hijab : Unbranded
Cardigan :My mom property
Make up by Mimam
Hijab do by Mimam

P.S : Mimam can do your make up and hijab do, too. For contact her click in here. Thanks ^^


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