Photo bombing in Origami Photobox

April 09, 2015

I have very short holiday last week in Bekasi. Last week is Easter and I spent my 3days in the end of the week in Bekasi. Actually last week I did survei in Alama Sutera Tanggerang for my internship plan in the middle of the year. This time I took train for go home. So I arrived in Bekasi at 01.48 am in Friday. I spent my Friday with do nothing in home, but in the afternoon We (me and my family) go to Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport to acompany my mom and grannie. They wanna depart to Surabaya.

In the evening, I had dinner with my bestfriend Tami at Sushi Tei. We never get bored with sushi! We always have something to talk. Chitchat with her can spent a day and forget about anything especially time. In the Saturday me and my dad go to Alam Sutera, Tanggerang. Visiting the Edwar Technology, my internship office.

Although the day I went to Alam Sutera is weekend but the traffic is not so crowded because almost all the citizen of the JaTaBek have a short holiday and go to Bandung or Bogor. Finishing my visit to Edwar Technology in afternoon, me and Tami have a plan for spending almost my last day in Bekasi with have snack time in Grand Galaxy Park (GGP).

We ever have plan to photobox-ing but it never happen until last Saturday. Finally we have our photobox in Origami Photo Studio and Photobox in GGP. Just 60K rupiahs we got 16 shoots, 2 photoprints, and softfile of our photos. This is when unplanned plan happen :

This is our photo prints :))

I don't need popular or wise wisdom from famous people to describe our amazing friendship since We're kindergarden, my dearest bestfriend. :)

- We do silly things together -


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