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December 04, 2015


This time I’m gonna little bit review about my experience visiting IKEA. Actually first time I visited IKEA in July, when I have to did my internship in Edwar Technology. If you guys, curious about my internship activitie, I’ll make the review later, hehe.

IKEA Indonesia at Alam Sutera
IKEA map

Ok back to IKEA, IKEA actually a Scandinavian furniture store and their store concept is self serving. Yap, we can choose our furniture by ourself and we can build it by ourself. IKEA looks like huge warehouse so all the furnitures and stocks they put in one huge room. But, they have showroom, too. Before you arrive in the warehouse, you have to walk accross the showroom. They set livingroom, kitchen set, apartment set, bedroom, until bathroom. You can find anything you need for your home inspiration in there.

The Warehouse

Children toys section

Library section

The Living Room

The 'shabby chic' Bedroom for girl

The simple bedroom

I’m visiting IKEA that time with my intern friends, we spend our sparetime before go to our kost-kostan. So, we took some photos in there. Not just our photos, I took some photos about they room set.

left - right : Kartika, Tera, Siti, Kuzana, Nisa

Me and Kuzana pretending gardening

In some areas they put some stuff by the colour and I spot my favo colour, that’s PINK! So I took some spots with all the pink stuff.

And last but not least, it must thing we can do when we visit IKEA. Take aphoto in the hall, my friend called that hall by “Lorong Kekinian”. Why we called it that? Because almost all the people who visited IKEA always take a photo in that hall, so we called it kekinian a.k.a up to date, hehe.

'Lorong Kekinian'


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  1. waaaaaa kece abis nih tempat mantap euyyyy....

    1. sebenarnya itu cuma toko furniture biasa tapi karena konsepnya beda jadinya banyak yang tertarik kesana, termasuk saya hehe


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