Beautiful 'winter' Creatures

April 04, 2016

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“Come here, He wanna tell about it”

I probably never forget that sentence. Because that I can see this creature. That was first time. A weakness that everybody know, smart and jenius, who can resist that, huh?

“So, you guys have to do this and that. That’s easiest way to do that.” – an explanation that really interesting, cause too charming. I just can see everything through yours O-O

Through that things, I can see you have everythings
pics : google

The creature change almost everything. The creature, 'beautiful' creature, teach me again how to feel 'that thing' again. Danke Schön.

You curve a beautiful smile behind this body

If One Direction said in their song, That was a Summer Love. But that even not a Summer, it was already Winter. So yeah, everyone know that Winter always bring a memory. In my case, it’s not bring a memory, but build a very beautiful memory. But You know, it wouldn’t never happen, right? I’ll try to face that facts J

“So please don’t make this any harder. We can’t take this any farther and I know there’s nothing that I want to change to change”

Yeah, I realize that, I can’t take this any farther but I’ll keep it for me, can I? You know when everything almost in the end, trying find anything can distract the attention, found it. But it just temporary, hvft.

“Can’t believe you’re, packing your bags. I trying so hard not to cry. Had the best time, and now it’s the worst time, but We have to say goodbye”

See you next time, see you next occasion, see you very soon. The creature who wore a very clean and neat white shirt with long cream trousers and that brown hat on your head, oh don’t forget your ***sport bag ^^

“Wish that We could be alone now. We could find some place to hide, make the last time, just like the first time. Push a button and rewind. Don’t say the word that’s on your lips. Don’t look at me that way. Just promise you’ll remember when the sky is grey.”

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