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July 21, 2017


Hi guys, already Friday and like couples week ago I wanna share about my current favorite songs. If my last playlist full of kpop songs, right now I have one pop song and that’s not kpop song. Ok let’s move to playlist.

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Ko Ko Bop – EXO

EXO latest song is really really addicted. Their new album called ‘The War’ officialy release but their comeback this time just 8 members without Lay, because Lay already has schedule in China by his own. But it’s okay, I think their new album still lit. Their concept for this album is summer with raggae vibe and of course Kai always into the concept really well, he makes his hair dreadlocks. Ok enough talking about the album and I hope Lay will comeback with EXO as soon as possible.

Now talking about the song, I’m not the expert but i just love this song that much. The ‘shimme shimme’ and ‘down down baby’ realy ear catching with Baekhyun and Chen’s voice no need to worry, their doing really good in that part and makes that rhythm stick in my head since first time listen to it. another reason why I love this song beacuse Sehun’s part really clear (you should listen Sehun part in The Eye, too) and the video clip so great. In the music video all my bias(es), Sehun Chanyeol Kai D.O. , really stunning as always ^^

As If It’s Your Last Time – BLΛCKPIиK

Majimak corom or As If It’s Your Last Time by BLACKPINK really suit with me, I mean their music video really colorful and their custom as always make them more pretty.

Red Flavor – RED VELVET

Red flavor by Red Velvet really easy listening and can boost your mood instantly. Summer coming and their music video concept is summer fruit, every member represent each fruit. Irene with Watermelon, Yeri with Grape, Joy with Kiwi, Seulgi with Pineapple, and Wendy with Orange.

Intro – G-DRAGON

G-Dragon comeback with his new album. From his latest album i like to listen one of his song, the tittle is Intro. This song so easy listening and one of upbeat song.

Don’t Wanna Cry – SEVENTEEN

Currently I keep my eye on seventeen that much. I just finished watch their variety show, Seventeen One Fine Day. fyi, I’m a multi fandom fangirl, so don’t be so confuse why i have alot of favorite boy/girl group and bias(es). Seventeen has 13 members and of course I have more than one favorite members. But I like Minggyu alot ^^

I enjoy listeing the song while watch the music video, too. They dancing so beautiful and also Mingyu so handsome in the music video (i Know i fangirling in this post too hard -_-)

Cherry Bomb – NCT127

NCT comeback this time really makes me excited, their cutome getting better (that’s what I saw ^^) and of course their getting great. The dance really cool and the song so catchy. The ‘I’m a biggest Hits on the stage” tho.

Swish Swish – KATY PERRY

Latest song from Katy Perry. So many rumor about what’s story behind this song, but beside all of that, this song really good. The disco vibe and music video so fun to watch

And July – HEIZE feat DEAN & DJ FRIZ

This month is July, so yap has to there’s touch of ‘July’ in this playlist. Actually, I know this song because Joan Keem, one of Korean Vlogger. She used this song as the backsound of her vlog and the song stick in my head from that time.

I think that’s it for today post. I hope you guys like it and if you guys your July's playlist you can share on the comment section ^^. Don’t forget to follow my blog, give a comment, critics, or suggestion for me. Don’t forget to check our fanspage and like our fanspage on fanspage The Wonderland. Thank you for stopping by on The Wonderland. See you on my next blogpost, have a nice day ^^


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2 Comment

  1. Hmm, I don't actually listen kpop music (except for my favorite drama's soundtracks) but I'll definitely gonna try to listen them all <3 Thank you for sharing :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

    1. yeay you should check them out, their music can bring your mood up sometimes and thank you Rizuna for stopping by ^^


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