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April 20, 2013

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“Happy Birthday to me ,Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to ME”

Aw aw aw today is my 19th birthday
Oh my I’m old know *oke ini lebay*
This is my first time in my life celebrate my birthday without my familyand my friend :’
A year ago (my 18th birthday) at 07:00 am my ex boyfriend (in that time He Is My Beloved Boyfriend :’) ) came to my home and bring a delicious “Singkong Keju” cake (his mother make it) and  sweet couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse doll ♥ as a gift. We gave their name. the Mickey Mouse is Asyriko and the Minnie Mouse is Ardani. That name is our acronym :’). I still remember the doll inside a box with red paper with ‘love’ pattern cover the box.

Ok about two years ago in my 17th birthday , my friend trick me. Almost all my class member (@Campus07) came to my home and they pull me out from my home just for “showering” me with flour, cold water, and coffee powder (Alhamdulillah there isn’t egg) . My reaction? I Run away and get into my home and shower properly. They still waiting me in front of my home and bring me four cute cupcakes with candles on it. I still remember who is that get my cupcakes. :

- First cupcake belong to my father ♥
-  Second cupcake belong to my best friend. Actually I wanna give it to Nindya but she didn’t come so I gave it to Muhammad
- The third cupcake belong to my girls ( I mean girls in my class) I gave it to Mitha
- My last orange with chocolate line cupcake belong to YOU! ♥. I just have one ex boyfriend and when my 17th bday we still just friend but all my friends know if I like him, so they take my phone and give it to him, if I want my phone back I must give one cupcake to him, and I DID IT!. Actually I really want give it to him from the first cupcake but I’m to shy to do it  :3

And three years ago on my 16th bday when first time be a high scholler, my best friend “Terompet” (Nindya, Riska, Yudel, Sarah, Nerissa, Yulanda, and Fatun) gave me a cute school bag until now, I still keep it :))

By the way talking about birthday, me and my ex boyfriend “jadian” when his 17th birthday. Sadly , in that time I got typus and have to bed rest in hospital, he visited me and before midnight he say , he love me and wanna me to be his girl and I ACCEPT IT!. Ok enough for the nostalgia.



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  1. hihi harusnya tengah malem ke post nya karena ulang tahunnya tanggal 21 April ternyata kecepetan , gomen ^^v


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