Animal Kingdom Meet the Angelwoman

May 31, 2015

Spending Saturday night at Solo Paragon Mall. Don’t have any plan, just walking around the mall and eat Pempek in Pempek Nyonya Kamto. Before having late snack I went to Toys Kingdom. Saw so many toys and so colourfull but my eyes locked in the Animal Kingdom miniatur.

There are many animals and my favorite are the lion and tiger. Love them. There are orang utan, many kinds of birds, and flowers, too. 

I found cute sun flower and there are many colour of them.

Actually, I’m waitting for employees dance hahaha, but they’re not dance till the schedule came. I got tired, so long standing and walking around the mall, so I sat in the chair in front of Maripossa beautiful pink wing. The chair actually for taking a photo of that wing, so I took some photos with Maripossa wing.

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2 Comment

  1. qaqaaaa ajarin caranya read more dong qaqaaaaa

    1. 1. klik tombol join this site di bagian footer blog ini
      2. jadi deh read more

      hahahaha canda ran. besok aku ajarin kalau kamu udah balik kos


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