21 on 21

May 08, 2015

(very late) birthday post of mine!!!

On 21st April, I’m officialy 21 years *yuhuu*

Don't forget to blow the candles after make wishes, Kartika!

It’s cheesy right? But that was wonderful day. In the morning my friends gave a lovely surprise. They gave me little delis black forest cake and a present. YES PRESENT! The present is Daisy Duck Doll covered by plastic with heart motif and pink ribbon on top. They didn't forget to give me the card also hehe.

The Birthday Girl with the present and birthday cake!

The Ultimate 21!

Love Love my New Daisy Duck Doll 

I got some virtual 'birthday card' from my friends with my photo on it. That was an old school way but I always love it, because I feel special, hahahha.

My family and some of my friends gave me many wishes, too. It’s to long if I post the wishes in here, hehehe. But there’s one wish from my (ex) classmate, his name is ‘em’. He said a normal birthday wishes but there’s a additional name behind my name, Kartika D Aryani *i*** :D

Alright, I already forget about what happen in that day except, that was Kartini Day, too.

They made my day! love'em all



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