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June 26, 2015


Have a great lunch in one of ‘cute’ cafe in Surakarta. Teras Cafe is one of ‘cute’ or instagram-able cafe to have lunch. The cafe located in Palur Plaza. Palur plaza near with Sebelas Maret University (my campus) and also near from my kost.

This place very colourfull and there’re so many flower. The theme of this cafe is a terrace with blooming flowers, white wooden chair, very green grass, and colourfull ornament same with the colour of the flowers.

The cafe not so big but quite comfy to have a lunch with friends and chit chat for a while. The food quite good with good price. One of my favorite is the uniform of the waitress is pink polo shirt, very bright PINK, Love it!

I have Ayam Asam Manis and Ice Tea for my lunch. This is the pricelist of the menu, here we go ... 


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