Make Up - HAUL #2

April 10, 2016


In this post, I’ll make little review about make up tools. Yap make up again. Actually I’m not make up addict or someone who understand ‘seluk beluk’ make up world but for now I love collect something about make up. Right now, I’ll review about the make up equipment Ok let’s start it!

First, I’ll talking about Brush Set. This is unbranded brush set. I bought it in Lazada because year end sale 2015, hehe. I bought it about Rp 52.000 something. I forgot exactly how much it is but under 60K. I got 20 brushes in medium size and I feel amaze because I can got 20 brushes just 52K-ish. Although I can’t do my own make up because I really can’t make up but it’s okay maybe someday I can do my make up properly with those brushes.

Brush set from Lazada

Those brushes have different function. There’re for eyes, chin, cheek, and eyebrow. I can say those brushes are very complete and usefull for anyone of you who want to learn make up or maybe a pro MUA. This is the appearance of the brush set.

Detail of the brush #1

Detail of the brush #2

Oh ya I have one favorite brush too, this is blush on brush. Actually I have this brush since in senior high, but lately I almost every day use that brush for ‘set’ my powder.

My blush on brush

Second, still from online shopping. But now I bought this things in Elevania. This is Lashes Curlier from Faceshop. I don’t know how much the original price, but I bough this curlier about Rp 9.500. Yap it’s amazing right under 10K so I don’t missed it. It helps a lot and work for me. Before I apply the Mascara I always use this curlier first. This the goldish curlier who makes my eyes ALIVE....


Gold-ish curlier

Third, I got Eggbrush for wash my brushes and my beauty blender. My friends ask me to buy the eggbrush with her, cause she found the cheapest eggbrush we ever search, around Rp 20.000 in Shopee but if you search in any online shop, the price of the eggbrush is above 25K. So, I said yes and bought that eggbrush. This thing really help me to wash my beauty blender cause it’s hard to wash beauty blender until it really clean, so it help a lot, like A LOT. This is my pinky eggbrush. YASH IT’S PINK beibehhhh....

Eggbrush - Front

Detail of Eggbrush - Back

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Disclaimer: Ini adalah honest review aku mengenai produk-produk diatas dan produk tersebut aku beli dengan uang aku sendiri.

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15 Comment

  1. wahh kualitas brushnya lumayan yah kayanya. suka liat2 jg tuh brush di lazada murah2 banget, jadi pengen beli juga :D


    1. Iya halus juga, awanya aku pikir brushnya kasar gitu bulunya, eh ternyata bagus dan halus

  2. Done. I already follow your blog and give a comment on your last post Sylvi 😊

  3. love all the review! have a great day

  4. great review!!! Thanks for share it <3

  5. Those brushes look really good! Thanks for sharing :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

    1. Yap the brush really good. You're welcome Tamara, warm greet from Indonesia ^^

      and sure I'll check your blog ^^

  6. brush setnya lengkap bak, aku punya brush set dari mineral botanica brush setnya lebih ke brush dasar. Salam kenal ya:D

    1. Iya aku juga sempet kaget karena brushnya lengkap banget tapi harganya murah, emang karena diskon sih, hehe. Salam kenal ^^


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