Semarang – Ambarawa (Eling Bening)

April 02, 2016


Eling Bening Restaurant - Ambarawa

Wood Gazebo in my Cousin's Home
In this post, I wanna share my short holiday in Semarang and Ambarawa. It’s literally short holiday, cause I just spend my weekend in there. Ok let’s start the story.

So lastweek is a Easter Holiday and I have day oof about 4 days and I went to Semarang for meet my cousins in their home. Actually, I miss their kids, my nephew and nieces. So I spend a lot of time in Semarang by playing with them. Here pictures of them, they grown up so fast ^.^

left to right : Tiara, Reisya, Aditya





Actually, We didn’t spent our holiday just in home, We went to Ambarawa to My Auntie’s parents house. Semarang to Ambarawa just one and half our, so it didn’t take long time to get there. In Ambarawa We went to one of family restaurant in the top of the mountain, hhm like a hill.

-My Uncle Familia-

Ambarawa is a city in the middle of mountains, so this resturant is very unique and I Love the concept. The name of the Resturant is “Eling Bening”. Eling Bening located in the top of “Rawa Pening”. From the yard of the resto We can see the Rawa Pening and the mainstreet of Ambarawa. The concept of this place is minimalis. So many big white pillars and fish pool around the resto.

I don’t know, but when I saw the buildng, I just thinking this is so clean and neat. But, unfortunately when we went there, we arrived in peak season. The resto is to crowded and so many people taking pictures/selfies, yeah I know this place is quite pretty, and the weather is so hot. The sun rise and shine right in top of our head.

the Crowded Weekend

So many pillars in this building

But that was an amazing experience for me, visited new place like “Eling Bening”. So that was my very short holiday. See you in the next post...

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