2014 is AWESOME!?!

January 10, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Now I’m gonna post some moments in 2014. There’re a lot of wonderfull moments happen. From Java to Sulawesi, from meeting to other meeting...

Opening 2014 I got a job for performance Saman Dance in AAICP (Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology Conference) in January. This event was the last time for 2011’s team to performane Saman. This event actually ‘cut’ my holiday for a while but it’s ok, it’s worth it ;)

My look when performance Saman. That time I got Red – Gold Uniform and the make up is so good on my face so I don’t ‘clean up’ and when a girl with good make up so take another selfies :p

2011 and 2012 Team for AAICP and third photo was 2012 members who make ‘songong’ face :p

In the of January I got new experience for try iceskate. Indonesia is tropical country so we never felt snowy weather or frozen lake. Did ice skate in SKYRINK, Mall Taman Anggrek with my best friend Tami :)

This is Tami my best friend
That was an awsome moment. That was our first time did iceskate and not so bad for an amateur iceskater.

Move to February, I started this romantic month with attended my cousin wedding. The theme of the wedding is Minang or Padangnese because his wife Padangnese blooded woman. She so beautiful with her Sunting (Padang traditional headpieces for bride). But so badly I don’t have the photo his wife wear Sunting.


My brother, my sister, and me (minus my big brother)

When february almost over, I flew to Sulawesi to attended ‘Musyawarah dan Rapat Kerja Nasional ke-4 Ikatan Lembaga Mahasiswa Psikologi Indonesia” in Makassar, Sout Sulawesi. In that time Im just a delegation from UNS (my campus).

Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar

Before attended that meeting, me and some my friend have a great trip to Akarena Beach and  Losari Beach.

Akarena beach

Losari Beach

In Losari Beach we prayed Dzuhur and Ashar in beautifull mosque called Masjid Amirul Mukminin. The unique things from this mosque is this mosque was build above the Losari Beach, yap this is a floating mosque.

The Floating Mosque

In the stairs of the Floating Mosque, from that spot I can saw Losari Landmark.
We also visited Fort Rotterdam and try Es Pisang Ijo (traditional dessert from Makassar) in little cafe in front of the Fort Rotterdam.

Out and Inside tha Fort Rotterdam

The Legendary “Es Pisang Ijo”

In the next day, my friends and I attended the “MUKERNAS ILMPI ke-4”. The committe of MUKERNA ILMPI ke-4 is Universitas 45 Makassar. For the opening of the Mukernas, the committe held a seminar about “RUU Keprofesian Psikologi”. This Seminar was held in Auditorium of 45 Makassar University.

Seminar about “RUU Keprofesian Psikologi”

The seminar held in the morning and start from in the afternoon in the same day, MUKERNAS ILMPI ke-4 started ni Benteng Somba Opu or Fort Somba Opu. Before Independence of Indonesia, function of this fort was for protect the army to attact Dutch’s army. Now The Fort Somba Opu like Taman Mini in Jakarta. There are some traditional house from some ethnic group in South Sulawesi.

Pengurus Harian Nasional Ikatan Lembaga Mahasiswa Psikologi Indonesia 2013-2014

MUKERNAS held for eight days. From 08.00 am till drop. Drop? Yeah since we woke up until we fall a sleep. Almost everyday in eight days we had meeting till 03.00 am. But in the end of MUKERNAS the committe held an outbond. All the delegate participated in outbond. The closing of MUKERNAS, the committe took all the delgate went to Monumen Mandala, The Fort Rotterdam and shopping in near Losari Beach.



Monumen Mandala Pembebasan Irian Barat

Bonus photo of cool guy :p

Delegates from District 3

Inside the Fort Rotterdam there’re perfomances from local atrist

Next destination was Somba Opu street near Losari beach for shopping some souvenir. After shopping all delegates spent the rest of afternoon by saw the beautiful sunset in Losari Beach.

Sunset in Losari Beach

Adipura Statue

After had a tour almost around Makassar City, we went back to Fort Somba Opu for Closing Ceremony. All the committee and all the delegates gathered together sang and watched video from committee about MUKERNAS.

Took photo together with some delegates and committee

Took Photo in Hasanudin Airport before back to Java

Move to another month. March, I started with inaguration. I am officially became staff in Information and Communication Committee of District 3. The inaguration held in Universitas Negri Semarang (Unnes).

With all The “Pengurus Wilalah dan Pengurus Harian Wilayah 3”

Still in the same month, I started did experiment for complete task in one of my lecture in campus, Experimental Psychology. That was my first time wore laboratorium jacket.

My outfit in one of my experiment time

Me and my team did the report of the experiment

After reporting the result of our experiment with our senior Ka Bellatrix

In March, Surakarta held Earth Hour. When all the citizen turn off all the electricity for one hour except street lamp and traffic light. I spent the night in Earth Hour day with my high school friend Teresia.

Earth Hour in front of Mayor Office
Welcome to my favorite month, April. My birthday is coming! In 2014 i got surprise party from my beloved team in Media and Information Committee HIMAPSI 2014. The surprised party actually not just for me, but for the other member of the committee, Lavent. But we very happy and glad. They arranged meeting for discussed something important but in the end of the meeting Zein, Kominfo Member, show up brought chocolate cake with candles on top of the cake and they made presents for us. Beautiful scrapt book.

The surprised party in Arje’s Kitchen

The Birthday Girls

Move to May. In this month HIMAPSI 2014 went to Malang, East Java. We visited University of Brawijaya and Kebun Raya Purwodadi. Before off to Malang every committee in Himapsi should make a scrapt book about their committe and photo every member of the committee.

 The scrapt book and photo of Kominfo (minus Fadhila)

 KOMINFO and HIMAPSI in full team

Take a photo with my friend Siti (Staff of PSDM) in front of The Ceng Ho Mosque

Still in the same occasion but different month and different organisation. In the middle of May, there was “Makrab ILMPI Wilayah 3” in Tawangmangu. Opening of Makrab we attended opening ceremony in University of Sahid Surakarta. In Tawangmangu we visited one of tourism place, Grojogan Sewu Waterfall.
University of Sahid Surakarta

District 3 of ILMPI

Information and Communication Committee of District 3 (BANINFOKOMWil 3)

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

In the next month, June, me and some my friend became committee in my senior graduation. Loving my look in Kebaya. I wore purple hijab and songket that I bought in Makassar with white Kebaya (traditional clothes  from Java).

Traditional Look with #Hijab #OOTD
Panitia Wisuda XXII Psikologi FK UNS 2014

End of June, I’m waiting for holiday but before back home in Bekasi, I had a trip to Jogja. First trip in Malioboro, I did it alone and second trip to Pantai Baru in Bantul with my friends.

In Malioboro street


Our big lunch, Seafood

The ATV, we riding in the seaside

Right-left : Sunny, Marina, Silvy, Hentyn, and Kartika

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan. Ramadhan was coming. When Ramadhan coming I usually had appointment with my friends for break fasting. And I always waiting this, break fasting with Campus07 :D

Fisrt break fasting with some member of Campus07, how happy I am :D

Official break fasting of Campu07

Thank YOU for the photo Mr. Photographer :D

After Ramadhan, Syawal comin that’s meant Lebaran or Idul Fitri. I celebrated Idul Fitri in Bekasi.
Lebaran outfit

Idul Fitri 1435 H

October coming. My second favorite month :D. In october my big brother graduation from his University, Gunadarma University. He got “Sarjana Ekonomi” tittle. From Surakarta came to Bekasi for his graduation.

Graduation and Dies Natalis Gunadarma University

My parent, Grannie, and Brother

Official Graduation photo (minus my lil bro)

With my Mom and Sister, Dini

With the Graduation boy

Outfit for my brother graduation #OOTD

November is coming. This month I finished ‘work’ as staff KOMINFO in HIMAPSI EKSPRESI 2014 and started ‘working’ as Manager of Media and Information Committee in HIMAPSI 2015. Yeah from staff to Manager, I still don’t believe it , too. Hope I can run this committee with all my best.


Pengurus Harian Tetap HIMAPSI 2014 & 2015

Pengurus Harian Tetap & Ketua HIMAPSI 2015

New Manager KOMINFO 2015 :D *yeay*

KOMINFO 2015 with Ka Intan PHT KOMINFO 2014 (minus Ka Unun)

KOMINFO 2015 with Hasan, Chief of HIMAPSI 2015

New formation of KOMINFO HIMAPSI 2015
Right-left : Kartika, Laventya, Zein, Riyan, Shinta, Adnindy, Anggita
That’s my AWSOME 2014 till November. Thank You 2014 hope in 2015 I can be a better person and got many experiences in my life. Still young, use your energy for positive things and always be a good person to others.


P.s : Sorry for my grammar, I’m not so good in english. Sorry for this post cause this to long and may contain silly photo of me or my friends hehe.


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