Skyrink – Never Ending Skate

January 22, 2015

Couples days ago my posting about my experience ice skating in 2014. Opening new year holiday, me and Tami (my bestfriend) skating again in SKYRINK Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta. Ice skating become our favorite sport. When skating we feel like we pro skater :p *kidding* . Actually why we like skating because we can’t sweat, the venue so cold and when we came yesterday, the venue full of fog and super cold until there’s smoke came out from our mouth brrrr

Prepare yourself before skating. Don’t forget to tie your shoes very tight and be careful with the rest of shoes rope so it wouldn’t slip when you skate. Don’t forget to wear a socks

We little bit excited everytime skating until our foot fell really hurt so we switch our skate shoe :p. 

Left 37 - Right 38

Oh iya always remember whereever you are don’t forget to take a selfies *cheese*.

WHAT WE WEAR? Take some #OOTD shoot in the middle of the ice.

In SKYRINK there’s iceskating school. Sometimes when the teacher told their student about skating, I follow behind them, so we can stand with one leg.


And we can’t stop to take photo of us when skating.

And some candid photos.

Although we’re not sweating but this make us really tired. About 4 hours skating so we stop and sit for a while and take a selfie :p

After skating we move to another place to have a lunch. Tami decided to having lunch in Nanny’sPavillon – Terrace in Central Park Mall. Yap we move to another mall to have a lunch. Actually Central Park just beside Taman Anggrek Mall so we just walk for 5 minutes to get there.

The interior is so cute. Like in the sweet home’s terrace. So many flower in here.

Tuna Baked Rice and Strawberry Mint Tea for my lunch.

 I can’t resist to not take one/two or many photo in here. I love the decoration SO MUCH!!!

Let’s do The Duck Face
Selfie? Anyone

My super duper bery BESTFRIEND.

My partner in MANY occasion.

Still in Central Park we have our dessert in Hong Tang. We order Ice Lemonade and “Es Campur” wkwkwk. I forget the name but it contain Chocolate ice cream, Milo ice, Soy pudding, Mochi, and Corn Flake.


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