FORMASI UNS in Action!

January 17, 2015

That’s cheesy tittle yes wkwkwk :p

In the end of 2014, I had a photoshoot with some of my friends in FORMASI UNS (Forum Mahasiswa Bekasi UNS). This photoshoot just for our own documentation. FORMASI UNS it self is a group or community for student in UNS who graduate from SMAN 1 Tambun Selatan, yap that was my high school. We decided to took photos in Pipupu. Pipupu is photo studio located behind ISI Surakarta (Institu Seni Indonesia) or Indonesia Art Institute.

Almost all FORMASI UNS members from 2014 – 2011.

We took so many photos but I just have a few of them. Actually 2014’s members who arrenged this photoshoot. 

The Laughing Girls

The Flying Boys

We got one session to took photo of our self. I got two photos and we can use some accesories from Pipupu. They prepare some accesories for visitor. I use a traditional vintage frame for my photoshoot.

Our dresscode for that day is BATIK #OOTD

And of course we are ‘kekinian’ that’s why we took some selfie or maybe groufie :p *just kidding*. Everyone love selfie, right ? :)

But first let us take a selfies :p


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  1. I don't know that u're a blogger. Hihi good to know.

    1. haha I was blogging since 2009. It's just IT Task in high school actually but I continue maintance this blog :p


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