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January 18, 2015

In the end of December 2014, 25 December, My friend in high school ‘mudik’ to her parents hometown, Jogjakarta. In that time, I still stay in Solo because my collage schedule is’nt finish yet. Btw my friend’s name is Mitha and we met our other friend, Adelin. Adelin is a student in Gadjah Mada University so she stay in Jogja. 

We met in cute cafe in Jogja. In that street so many restaurant and cafe. We decided to met in one of cafe in there. I forget the street but I remember the name of cafe. It’s Tickles Cafe, yes not Tickle but Tickles.

The interior of the cafe is British. Everything about United Kingdom and of course I LOVE IT

That’s the section of semi outdoor. In that area there are a stage for acoustic band and little garden. In those photos, you can look so many frames and photos of artist and ornament about England. 

In Semi Outdoor Area

In the acoustic band stage

With Mitha in Little Garden

Actually there are 3 themes of England in that cafe. The semi outdoor area, the ‘bright’ area or look like tea room, and the ‘dark’ area for smoking. We sat in the ‘dark’ room because not to  crowded and no one sat in that room so we don’t worry about smoker. We sat on big sofa with union jack print on it and a very classy dark grey sofa.


 Me and Mitha while waiting Adelin to come

Adelin, Kartika, Mitha

And this is The ‘Bright’ room. In this area there a huge british kingdom soldier for photobooth. 

The Tea Room

I’m to short for that hole face I can’t reach that hole :p

Love that wall and frame

In Tickles Cafe there’s a powder room for visitor wait their table when the cafe to crowded. The powder room full with iconic british ornament and one of them is the famous ‘British Telephone Box’.

The Iconic British Telephone Box

And we got free waffle because we order above 100K


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