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December 03, 2015


Lately, Me and my kost’s friends (Rani, Riris, Alma) have new activity in our spare time. We usually just spend our spare time with watching movie or tv, right now we have new activities and activities are gym and swimming. We decided to have a member club in The Royal Heritage Surakarta Hotel.

Actually this is Riris idea. Riris got ‘blok olahraga’ test and she want to practice about gym and swim. So, she ask us ti join her and we said yes. In The Royal Heritage Surakarta Hotel there’s special package for student who want become a member in their sport club. The price for become a member on their sport club that maintance by MGallery is IDR 350.00/month but because we are student and we bring our student card we got special price, juat IDR 220.000/month.

Member Card
Become a member on M Gallery Gym and Swimming, we got do gym and swim whennever we want and we got free sauna after we did sym or swim. The gym equipment in there quite complete and we can do anything with those stuff. Sometimes, there’s a trainer who stand by for teach or help members who want do Gym.

The swimming pool in M Gallery sport club quite small. Althought the pool is so long but not quite wide, but if you come not in the rush our, you can enjoy your ‘private’ pool, gym, and pool bar. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photograph of the sauna room, because I’m to afraid bring my phone entrance the room.

The Swimming Pool

Pool Bar


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2 Comment

  1. lucky this gym provides pool and its not so pricey :(
    wish there's one like this in jakarta

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    1. Yes, my friend and I thought the same thing, too. Some places in Jakarta don't have affdorable price, maybe because in Surakarta many places have affdarble price (red murah), hehe.

      Btw I already follow your blog and G+ and I'm join your give away, too. I hope, I can get that clutch. Salam kenal yah ^^


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