La Moda Del Gelato - Solo

December 13, 2015


I’m back again with cafe review, yuhuu~

Couples weeks ago me and my friend have snack time together in one of Ice Cream cafe in Surakarta/Solo, Jawa Tengah. Actually it’s one of a kind boutiqe cafe, because next to this ice cream cafe, there’s a factory outlet. Ok let’s talk about the Cafe.

Same with the title of this post, the cafe name is La Moda Del Gelato, yap it’s Gelato cafe. This cafe is very cute, the interior design so colorfull like the color of ice cream. The price of the Gelato is Rp. 20.000 with the cone and Rp. 25.000 with the cup. We can choose 2 flavor in one order.

The flavors (source: Google)

my Gelato

This cafe located in Manahan, accross Manahan Stadion, in the left side. If you just see the exterior you think this cafe have cute design, like i thought before. But if you go upstare, there’s an outside space and look like a secret garden, so pretty.

And let me show you our photos in there. You know, girls never forget to take selfie/photo whereever and whenever...


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5 Comment

  1. the atmosphere in there is just too good,i mean like beyond good!
    um.. ayo ikutan giveaway buat dapat baju baru untuk new year,caranya gampang banget!

    1. Iya suasananya emang enak banget ^^

      huaaaa ada giveaway, aku mau ikutan ahhh, I'll chec on your blog, soon. Btw salam kenal ya ^^

  2. this place looks so good, thanks for sharing!

    danielle | avec danielle

  3. this place looks so adorable! love it!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I’m hosting great glasses giveaway here check it out!

    P.P.S. following you back dear!

  4. looks so good! x


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