UNBOXING - BLACPINK Square Up Mini Album Pink Version

December 15, 2018


Hello guys, so today post I’m gonna makes Unboxing post about BLACKPINK Square Up Pink Version. So, Square Up is first mini album of BLACKPINK after their debut.


If you follow me on Instagram, you must be know that I love Kpop that much and I’m EXO-L but if talking about Girlgroup I love BLACKPINK that much, yes I’m BLINK. It’s coincidence I love PINK colour so much, hahaha. Ok so you already know that why I choose the Pink Version of this Square Up Mini Album. Nowithout any further do, let’s go to the Unboxing Album post…


Blackpink Square Up Poster Side A

If you buy first press of this album you gonna get poster, too. BLACKPINK Square Up Mini Album poster made by thick paper. Sadly, you got one poster with 2 picture on it. So you can’t display both of pictures together. The outfit in the poster is what they wearing in the MV. All black and pink with blink blink accessorize. So cuteee ^^

Blackpink Square Up Poster Side B


This album release with two different color, black and pink of course. I choose the pink version one. Image of this album is very simple. Image of box with black color on the top and pink color on the bottom. For the plastic pacaking that cover it up has pink color on it. But, if you buy the black version, the plastic packaging has black color on it. So, I can say this album full of black and pink like their name.

Packaging & Set

Got 4 Unofficial Photocards

For the packaging you get one album with plastic cover, you can slide it out, you can pull the box and take off the photobook, PC, CD, lyric cards, post card, and cover card (card that made by plastic with black pink box on it). 

Official Photocard that I Got : Lisa & Rose

Like I said before everything in this album has black an dpink color on it. Including the CD, center of this CD has pink color but I don’t know if you buy the black version. In this album you can get 2 random photocards and I got the maknae line, Lisa dan Rose.

Blackpink Square Up CD
Blackpink Square Up Post Card

For the photobook, you can see their photo with ddu-du-ddu-du outfit concept with great layout. You can enjoy their costume point on every scene in that MV. I admire their costume, so I really enjoy their photobook that much. And you know how Blacpink member always pose so aesthetic in every single photos. Here a glimpse of their photobook in Blackpink first mini album, Square Up:



I think that its, hope you guys enjoy reading this unboxing post of Blackpink first mini album, sorry for my lack of English, hehehe and don’t forget to follow my blog, give a comment, critics, or suggestion for me. Thank you for stopping by on The Wonderland. See you on my next blogpost, have a nice day ^^

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  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2020

    irinya bisa punya mini album blackpink 😭


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